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Driftlung Black Aqua (Another Century Records 2015)

   Leave your collection albums of Rock Music open because you got a better things coming your way still – as this time, the superb group made by Disturbed’s bassist John Moyer, Guns N’ Roses later guitarist and virtuoso hero Ron “Bumbblefoot” Thal with the twin brothers Jon and Vince Votta as guitarists and the releasing of their debut self-titled album with thelate Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver lead rock-heads Scott Weiland shall giving you another chapter of the Rock N’ Roll or Hard Rock ride of a lifetime like the combinations of Alterbridge with Motley Crue and Slash as the lead guitarist disguising themselves as the impersonator of Axl Rose and co. but never playing the original songs but new materials or else. But anyway, we all going to be surprised for the excellent melodies and curves that made pretty well by the band as well to the historic time-lapse choices where some names has already gone and never return or the ever-changing tidal off the Modern Rock realm but names like Art of Anarchy will prolong the awesomeness already build and rebirth back after the new millennium and tracks like the rocking Small Batch Whiskey, Get on Down, Grand Applause, Til The Dust is Gone and Superstar to Death of It – releasing the magical feelings back again as the air-guitars and screaming high-toned vocals shall forever never can be broken or replaced and the truth already reveals no more mask over destructive beauty. 

Art of Anarchy: