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Double Agent (Vampata Records 2010)

Aggressive style and on the run as these Punk rockers had been exiled out their own realm but thankfully, Milan or Moscow isn’t quite being different even the distance is far as the band themselves called as Svetlanas; wandering on touring seems like forever which doesn’t matter for them and the constant balance for being sane under the insanity they’d bring everywhere on the shows or staging studios and shit might acknowledge the group that led by the infamous Iggy Pop version female figure on Olga whose sounding as rebellious as the first Stooges appearance ever with her boyfriend band members like Steve, Diste, Ginger to Rocky or Nick Oliveri (not respectively) rocking like crash-tour pileup incident through their self-titled recording of Svetlanas. Screaming banshee vocals, loudest sols and distorting clash course of rowdy music and various themes tracks like KGB is Dead, Soviet Assasin, Siberian Girl or Go Go Gagarin and Transiberian would throwing you back to the midst of the Cold War situations which granted by the international corporation of secret society worldwide to happened. 

Lick yourself while pogo-ing like a maniac and let Svetlanas taking over the radio station channel !