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Don’t Let Me Down (Disruptor / Columbia 2016)


   Only an e.p recording needed for these New Yorker-based duo of Pop-Electro and Dance of Synth-Music DJ’s: Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall later on then to snatching some nominations and Grammy Awards for this hard working that they’ve did since then the public known them via the single Selfie.
   Collage (extended play) is an actual emerging of how the Pop-Music of modern world today already being induced and addicted by the demanding of more EDM booming genre sounds and even further more of Clubbing anthems in or outside the proper places such as Ibiza or other exhibit spots spreading across the globe for people to have a entirely great time partying and being safe to enjoy it. 
   Dance-Electro ala The Chainsmokers really capturing most of the heart of clubber’s souls and took only a few short times to conquering the Billboard Charts or Radio and TV air-times in many countries. Through this five cool mixes of tracks here on Collage such as All We Know (featuring Phoebe Ryan) to the infamous worldwide hits single of Closer (featuring Hasley) showing us how infectious this duo composer and music arrangers really meant. 

Go to your favorite or nearest night club and tell it to yourself that The Chainsmokers’ boom-bass-mix beats shall ruling the dance floor – seems to be for a bit longer time …