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Disjoint Spore Tambo (Exploding In Sound Records 2014)

   Painted your ears not with gladness but unconscious feelings when you felt the uncertainty glancing on air and the tied date for release the reports might destroying you in a day but worries not cause when you found out there’s still a good sensible band with a weird acts or sounds to choose from Boston, MA area then it could be Grass is Green; the free-concept of Indie-Pop and Rock-Art intentions and mixed race band consisting of four as Andy, Devin, Mike and Jesse re-working their influenced musical views from the likes of Fugazi to Shudder to Think or Os Mutantes to Polvo and Wu Tang Clan; blistering the medium parts of distorted noise and buzzing Pop to the atmospheric sleazy melodies and fully charged attitudes on admiring the relentless value brought back by Seattle Sound or Grunge movements that had been born since the last decades after Kurt Cobain’s turning himself to be a martyr for the semi-establishment on how you might seeing yourself finding the self-proclaiming music since then. Grass is Green’s Big Dog Tee Shirt Birthday Weekend to Another Song called Supersoaker or Scattering Ram and Sammy So-Sick taken from their album – Vacation Vinny would relatively being the discharging facts that Alternative Rock or Pop Indie should always be seriously stays there on the charts on the edge of a mainstream for either a good laughs or the replacing boredom on regular fake music billboard overrun …

Vacation Vinny: