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DFY Games (Bandcamp 2016)


   A new music comes everyday and last year had seen the million tons of various sounds emerging from UK and this one project from Britain’s Hip Hop Electronic scene from Wizard might stealing your interests too.
The recording release of this instrumental music album called Steady Stackin 2 by Wizard; describing the infamous habit of mankind which is to be greedy, divide to conquer and never felt enough for having one way ticket to heaven or hell and the Hip-Hop music made trusty and fully beats to forcing you shaking those asses up with the filthy Gangsta style influence on some parts or two; driving the room hotter as the treble-themes on these tracks like Bandana, Hold Tight, July, Too Fast, 8BW, The Club and Flexin’ really sounded sexually inviting for anyone not to just sitting and get drunk but rather than shooting each-others, it is quite better for us to following the groovy beats out of control but not too damn greedy to either grabbing asses or drowning your freaking face in between tight sweaty giant boobies just for a good time before movin’ on !

Steady Stackin 2: