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Delirium Braindead (Never Say Die 2015)


   Born in UK as Joshua Jenkin but entering his chosen favorable world of entertainment and Dance Music especially thus Dubstep realm and more Drum N’ Bass cave-in for now you all shall knowing him as the undead DJ named Zomboy and yes, his fucking music is really damn awesome to digest.     The enormous blasting beats and heavy equipment for making the sounds on his products really inviting, really infectious and really can’t be ignored easily by the audiences; Zomboy throwing his mixed recording under the title of this second effort – Resurrected and the Electronic music world once again will be freaking amazed by Zomboy music as a UK producer as well.
   Go beating yourself up on Nuclear (Dillon Francis Remix), Airborne (Must Die! Remix), Beast in The belly (DC Breaks Remix) or Outbreak (DISKORD Remix) for not just trying but really put your positions in a head-banger situation as the room filled with sweat of girls and perfume while the alcohols reign the air and the atmosphere would be all damned with sinful dancers and club-lovers ready to die on the floor following the mixes and thus sampling Trap-sequencers that give no shit. 

Let the dead comes to life after midnight !