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Cylinder Kevin (Not On Label 2014)

   The heretic non-questionable weirdness effects collaborates for the mix of Math Rock and Progressive Experimental characters music on one single package which had been drawn by the trio of Bearcubbin' (just like an image of a sexy mysterious purple haired girl with bubblegum baloon on her mouth) from Portland: bassist Patrick Dougherty, Mike Byrne on drums or electronics and Chris Scott the guitarist/keyboardist  patching the materials of non-vocals but well guarded to give plenty explanations rather than just another instrumental recordings which sincerely given a great taste of gap on sonic ambitious and remarkable to listen by the audience for this scrambling album of Girls with Fun Haircuts released from them. One may get intact and communicates using the beats on songs like Solid Gold Monster Truck or High School Trip to Murder Island, feeling the tensions.

Bearcubbin' Girls with Fun Haircuts: