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Cult Of Lilith (Gothic Slam Records 2006)

Five-piece Death Metal/Goth-Metal/Thrash and Melodic Doom group coming out from Lazio, Rome – Italy naming themselves as Shadowsreign with the groovy power techniques of half-Progressive Metal and more Extreme Metal formats on their musical performance or veins as the group consisting of Lord Vampyr on vocals, Aeternus the drummer, Seth 666 and Helvete the shredder masters and Xes on vocals really showing the reality blasting slams of their metallic fast or standard thrasy noise sounds through the themes on blood, pain, death and vampires aspect subjects and this full studio album Bloodcity (The Forgotten Memories part I) honestly, presenting their intentions to not only rocking your pathetic minds wilder but to in order to destroys the world itself where mankind dwelling like cowards enslaving others and the rest of it whom shall be consumed slowly by the endless thirst of greedy sanguine race nations of blood suckers as planned. No more Salvation (Escape from Bloodcity) and there’ll be Dawn of Rebellion from The Cainian Brotherhood with no Reflections establish thus Section 9-99 (The Colony) as well as re-conquering the global world Far away From The Sun as you might going to hear via the blast-tracks with destructive grooves escalating the truth events to happen soon. 

Beware of the dark that creeps in motionless disfigurements onto your existence !