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Crepusculum (Bandcamp 2012)


   An Electronic Synth-Pop pedestrian sounds of Austin which started as a small collaborations between two siblings tried to reach for the enlighten active and passive experimental that mixing the Neo-Wave music machine, samples, ingredients of melodies and tunes based on the technical and theatrical temporary creations from Richard and Cecilia Daskas confronting the group ritual called UMU with their releasing good record that sometimes would delivering the most essential romantic Pop harmonies but mostly, sounding weirder juat like a compilations of the lost messages from the past NASA moon landing project or other secrets based on a figure named Henri. Rhythmic layers to lower seismic of popular modern sounds strapped in between the unique sounds to a complex gestures or noises combining the search at the beginning for the finish line or touch-down; UMU has it later on - even without the direct endings to describe but tracks of troublesome and extra-terrestrial format were directly coming out from Quake, Bombos, Light Against very Old Sky, Religion Creation Knowledge Family, Watch Time Evaporate and Sunstone or Ether might sparkling the tickling beats in various spreading the sound-art Popped laments of once a civilization cradled from under the rock and out the caves.

UMU's Henri album: