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Courageous Cat (Welfare Records 2006)


   Yeah – there’s definitely an Afro-Punk Rock band in this freaking world and one of them ultimately should be Pure Hell; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania just on the mid-edgy of the seventies.
   Consisting of the quartet: Kenny Gordon, Kerry Boles, Michael Sanders and Preston Morris III blasting the ridge-pumping louder music as mixed within Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and semi-Hardcore Punk made proudly in America as the releasing of their only album – Noise Addiction might never resurfacing on any Black Music catalogs but forever lives on as a rebel yelling acts by Black Punks to us as edgier as Rot in The Doghouse, Thrillers of Oz, The Girl with The Hungry Eyes, Spoiled Sport and the cover made of Pure Hell on These Boots are made for Walking – in The Stooges meets Pistols style.

Noise Addiction: