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Corpse Exquisite (Atlantic 1999)


   Brilliant, heartbreaking and wicked fun innovative story (or movie) about the girlish boy from East Germany who loves Rock Music and married an American soldier Sgt. Luther Robinson whose brought him to move to Kansas and real female realm to their honeymoon experiences with Hansel Schmidt portrayed later as our loud hero turns heroine as he then assures his real identity as a transgender queen of Rock with the amazingly shocking stage shows performance in a musical group baptized as Hedwig and The Angry Inch right after the marriage broke and Hansel/Hedwig were cast out and fallen from her grace to desperation and suffering before being saved once again by Rock N’ Roll spirits.
Starring and directed by John Cameron Mitchell with Stephen Trask composed and making the music for this movie story of dangerous Classic Rock and Heavy lyrics that beats back those whom judging the choices made by transgender people for having freedom to their lives. Hedwig and The Angry Inch proclaiming their existence with the road-shows full of chao-romantic and riot-actions as the music banging loud which forcing the audiences to entering this type of realm and new frontier with heavy metal hearts once again as Hedwig surviving herself theatrically to find the true love that unfortunately never exists. 
Tracks of anger like Tear Me Down, Sugar Daddy, Wig in a Box to Wicked Little Town mixed with those romance and brokenhearted ones on The Origin of Love to the free-shaped elegant beats of Random Number Generation performs by Trask, Miriam Shor, Bob Mould of Husker Du, Ted Liscinski and Eli Janney for this awesome soundtrack that you need to watch together with your lovers - spreading the love flicks back in a most peculiar ways - perhaps.     

Hedwig and The Angry Inch: