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Coq De Grammaire (Veritas Vinyl 2013)

   Noisy and weird with the two persons playing most of the musical instruments like the silly version of Funk-Rock mixed with Seattle Sound in a very bad weather Summer – a day before Easter celebrations just matching to be called themselves also as Easter Teeth. Meet Joshua Eymann doing his vocals/drumming to Timothy Eymann on vocals, bass, keys and gadgets from Goleta, CA – not failing to flubs the tubes using their chronicles music experimental on both Soul and Hardcore Punk liability without hesitation and doen making their own record under the crazy ditching sounds trade marking themselves as a must watchable duo of Alternative Rock acts on Being Alone With You Thoughts is for Inmates would be really pleasant to do. You might wanted more of them after dancing like a robot-jerk or bathing yourself with flour plus corn syrup and running outside by scaring people getting ready for their bunny eggs hunting time. Everything shall be tremendously, chaotic with this album turn out louder on your PA system on the third storey – just open all windows and doors as you letting everyone to be tortured by Where Have All The Demons Gone ? or The Eagle Flies on Friday to J Robbins was Half Right as well as GPSCCTVNSAISP that acclaims nothing but more problems with the authority when finally, someone calls either 911 or the sheriff office and forcing you to be cuffed after the tazzer hit your elbow for hitting sheriff’s deputies faces and resisting the fucking world !