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Convict Desert Brat (Cruz Del Sure Music 2014)

   Not the four horsemen of the apocalypse but rather be the four rockers riding their victory onto the burning radish light on the horizon; releasing their good Hard Rock or Heavy Metal standard record entitled Guns For Hire but didn’t telling the audiences that they’re a quartet established in Sydney, NSW and representing the long history of Aussie Rock heritage since the early days of Rock N’ Roll first apostle journey begins. 
Meet them in the flesh, Convent Guilt with its members: Brent (drums), Andrew (guitars), Dario (guitars) and Ian (bass, vocals) cranking their mid-tempo Rock fusion with Pop/Folk related structures and tones driven this Hard Rock acts sounded braver, older but wiser and making those old-folks rockers happy. Either you will driven your air-guitars and hailing metal sign up the air – turning your bedroom onto the staging of crowd-surfing festival; the atmosphere shall be maintained kept and preserving rocks off the tracking like Don’t Close Your Eyes, Angels in Black Leather, Perverse Altar or They Took Her Away – sounded seemingly to be terrifying a far from sold-out and may harming your beloved ones later. 

Guns for Hire: