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Contortion Surface (Acre Recordings 2014)

You will know this is not the basic Industrial Noise recording like a mainstream-based format that easily predicts cause the Dublin-born/Berlin based Swarm Intelligence (later) project of the blending for various experimental echoing creepy Techno, low-Bass blaster and Industrial music which sounding came from the dark basement of someone’s abandoned house; habitually – did its work of scary or eerie pulsar shooter of tons disturbing effects both visuals and imaginable though the futuristic Electro-instrumentals releasing of the mysterious shapes on Black Iron Prison. 
Expanding the funeral-concept of space scrapings graveyard lost positions where a cargo ship trying to send their S.O.S signals but in vain. 
As the oxygen level is getting lower and the food supplies almost the same situation or worse; some of the crew already showing the bewilder attitude towards others and the dead of space will swallow you and the rest of them whole into a zero prediction of hope as the terrifying suspend music from Calms The Beast, Sewer String, Eternal Empire and Wash Away really sounding vulnerable to understands; sucking all the last breath of a standing humanity on its way to non-existing figure. 
The crawlspaces theory turned out to be true that you cannot tame technology as it develops more advancing better than you can count. For fans of Any-Core Dubstep, visceral tempos and stagnant suffocate definitions must wanted this but for those whom loving lives – this record would be the end themes for similarity of transfixed viewing vehicles rocketing us out off the orbit only to landed somewhere else and finding lies … 

Black Iron Prison: