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Pretty Colours Africa (Bandcamp 2015)

Indonesia isn’t coming from the same country where the name taken by this Progressive Rock and Modern Rock band from St. Petersburg – Russian Federation that releasing their AntiVirus Live and Rarities album – consisting of lead guitarist Dmitry Levin, Alexander Pekhtelev (bass guitar), Anton Nazemnov on vocals, the drummer Evgeniy Suchov to Dr. Vik on keyboards with the additional vocals for Rayuan Pulau Kelapa as well the artworks by Alexander Masliakov. 
The Alternative Post-Rock and Djent sounds or the Nu Rock music with Progression permits really adrift the hiatus thirsts for the fans of these type of musical sounds as well the songs performed here like Abused, Yours ? to the instrumental on Unpleasant Touch Sensation or Police Academy OST – off Blue Ouster Pab (cover). 

One might finding this band’s average but the names actually, giving them a good sound of interest curiosity.