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Coco Mango Calypso (Argonauta Records 2017)


   Switzerland musical session for Progressive Rock combinations and some Stoner Rock and instrumental Classic Rock general pursuits by these young rockers from Zofingen and written their music materials only by themselves minus the vocals and realizing that even without thus the epic music tempos and original attempts still can be delivers and achieved on almost the same time as the audiences would gladly, head-banging onto the music making jams a bit similar just like when you listening to Soundgarden meets half-parts of Dream Theater joining Pelican or Djent version turning down to Emo-Pop but the band firing their front man and added none since then.
   From the recording Can’- Ka No Rey with the displaying of a silhouette female figure staring straight towards the mighty obelisk a far as the Earth burning; leaving only Ephedra as the last band consisting: double guitar players – Roman Husler and Andy Brunner to Killian Tellenbach the bass guitar basher and Tomi Roth the skin-stomper exploding their energy towards the long jamming sessions like the best track number two – Bad Hair Day or Mother Stone which performing the band’s Bluesy Heavy Rock style while on the opening of seven minutes more duration, Ephedra showing to you their capability for did the Prog-Rock force power in technic and Stoner Metal symphony bursting through Cornfield Disaster. Move on and fight the future past falseness …

Can'-Ka No Rey: