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Cliffs Broadripple (Epic 2008)


   As Folk-Pop Indie rocking within half-acoustic and more electric music sounding louder than buzzing; as Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s singing German Motor Car or Holy Cow ! or Cold Kind and Lemon Eyes to the intrigues responds towards Hello Vagina really needs your attentions straight deeper as this band consisting of drummer Chris Fry, Richard Edwards the vocalist/guitarist to Kate Myers on keyboards/guitars/melodic and the rest of the band releasing the precious calmer record on Not Animal as the braver harmony blending thus mid-tempo standard Alt-Rock popularity but never plainly by sound to be boring and as the remarkable melodies, crispy vocals to the most valuable atmosphere which created through the amazing slow-tones and mesmerizing imaginary collective lyrics which basically, true as reality to share on this recording.

   When you found out about this these days, don't cursed it or the day but try to listen to them because you never know what lucks might bring at the end of the one's corner which already fueled of misfortunes today as liking for Pages Written on a Wall...

Not Animal: