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Cliffhanger Aquarium (Inner Wound Recordings 2016)

As the departure of her real beauty existence upon Amberian Dawn to the next resurrections through the project called by Heidi Parviainen – Dark Sarah really something to start everything and the Folkish soft displaying the image of different version of maleficent the forest demon-elf on The Puzzle album as her next second releasing with the operatic procedure on the combination of Alternative Modern Rock, Gothic Metal to thus literacy based on the local folklore and epic saga there on Kerava, Finland.
The burst of slower or the standard tempo on the chosen Neo-Classical Metal and things related to story-teller will right be here attached intact. Heidi whose getting the help she needs from musicians like Sami Salonen, Erkka Korhonen to Rude Rothstein and Thomas Tunkkari did adding effectiveness while recording and releasing the album. 
Your favorite songs might be anything here to choose; from Island in The Mist that being exotic to the magical Breath and For The Birds to the eerie Ash Grove and thus sensuality captured inside Deeper and Deeper – wishing you the hypnotics of lullaby and a deadly goodnight kisses spells, possessing your fate after midnight. 

The Puzzle: