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Circus Of The Deaf (Twins Of Evil 2009)

   Recorded as it releases as a third installment (right) from I Monster – the lesser known, yet magnificent of duo Jarrod Gosling and Dean Honer; an analogue Electronic and Progressive experimental Pop, Psychedelic and Sci-fi Synthesizers off Sheffield, UK which bouncing their boasts of  vintage gears within the classic theremin, hammond organ or multitude psyche-dub options over sixteen tracks performance here on A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars. 
   Ancient aliens, blue girl staring, ugly duckling gentleman on news-paper or a secret agent might generally, becomes stories through Cool Coconuts, Lust for a Vampyr, Escape from New Yorkshire, A Pod is Waiting, Inzect 2 – The Mutations to Goodbye Sun and Mr. Mallard – variously, trying to show you that this record didn’t just about being only a classic artwork album designed by Storm Thorgerson’s book or Varrod Goblink’s painting. 

A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars: