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Cheap Wine (Bandcamp 2016)

Bored and there’s no boyfriends around  cause they’re busy playing their stupid skateboard or flirting older girls; you could imagine how a quartet of teenage girls decide to do their own version of Garage/Grunge Rock on the basement just like the early formation when Courtney Love decide to forming her band by getting influenced by KISS, Sex Pistols and The Pixies as generally, the buzzing music they’ve create as the group – Voiid really to be honest doesn’t sucks even though they’re not called a commercial as well. The complete mini recording converted on this album called Pussy Orientated perhaps would sounded perverting but this is the reasons shown towards boredom infecting younger white female wanted or more adventures in life and libido sexual and the answers for these Brisbane chicks band gladly, found on buzzing guitars and semi-faster beats of Indie Rock as they’re scream cause they finding a little bit freedom in jam-session as the six tracks like Deranged, Galaxy or Go to Hell had proven that their boyfriends are all wrong for leaving these girls unguarded and cheating over them to Punk Rock and Modern Pop’s arms !

Pussy Orientated: