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Chaleur Des Jonnhae (Bandcamp 2016)


   Taken or dragged out from the B-side prototype project of his other releasing record – this elemental fulfillments of the life circle themes on Vegetal: Offshoots would be Fakear the Caen’s Downtempo Electronic and World Musical project acclaimed features that would sounding relaxing but also concerning by slower spreads for those whom already know and having extra attentions for saving the life-based maintenance here on Planet Earth by listening to these seven tracks recording over the great job of mixing by Fakear.
   From the opening Mantra with traditional Indian tablas as the main attraction beat-guidance to the density of crystal-sampling noises through La Dance Des Etoiles to Uprising as the music rhythms taking over the humanoid jobs vocals for describing the most important things we need to preserved now before too late.   

Vegetal: Offshoots is a green and environmental album you should listen before joining any non-profit organizations to helping Mother Earth heals …