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Building King (Flower Punk/Setalight Records 2013)


   Finally, when Punk-Rock and Pop-Hard Rock did rooted deeply enough in St. Petersburg – Russia; we can seeing that there’s plenty good modern and internationally groups spawn and coming out with real proud that they’re a new Russian rock-heads just like the example of stronger band named The Grand Astoria.
Being several times and countless touring abroad within Vans Warped tournaments or their-own, these fine artistic rock-acts consisting of Kamille Sharapodinov (vocals, guitars, noise, machine, percussion) Igor Suvorov (guitars), Alexander Chebotarev (drums), Danila Danilov (backing vocals), Michail Bukin/Dmitry Ogorodnov/Eugene Korolov (bass guitars) and Evan Vorobiev (keyboards) with Boris Shulman (banjo), Jaire Patari (sitar) or Rogier Berben (mellotrone) – all collaborates in unite for exaggerating The Grand Astoria releases on Punkadelia Supreme which totally completed in sounds that the recording is excellent and the fuzzing funky music sounded promising with English lyrics and modern rock tunes – giving you a time to really consumes those songs like Slave of Two Masters, Street Credit, Space Orchid vs Massive Drumkit or Dropping Aitches and To Cross The Rubicon. 
One can giving a very good Score and pleasant Visualize after the Intermission of being Welcome to The Club as the rocking sounds like Foo Fighters on too much candy-bars explodes! 

Punkadelia Supreme: