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Bubblebop Shot (Selfish Records 1989)

   Noise-Rock/Japanoise, Psychedelic Rock or Experimental Rock off Osaka, Japan repetitively like minimalist and Ambient Music generally, mixed with Space Rock, Krautrock, Dub Rock and Psychedelic with their heretic sounds of fury and electric powerful blending towards Art-Rock as well as Punk Rock attitude ready for the experiments for Boredoms – the band consisting of drummer Ikuo Taketani, guitarist Tabata Mitsuru, bassist Hosoi Hisato, Makki Sasarato on vocals cranking their anger management’s Hardcore Punk music with insane volume as well as thus weird screams, animal instinct’s voice and more destructible force following their performance including this second album Soul Discharge. One shall meet all of thus crazy things and form arts of retarded Rock music ever did as produced by the Japanese rocker’s new generations whom remarkably realizing the next steps of interest away from just protecting the commercial ways but hit their way through another “non-usual” passage and making this extra-ordinary recording that shows how wilder the female members of the band as well as the rest of Boredoms blitzing out with TV Scorpion, Sun Gun Run, Z&U&T&A, Pow Wow Now to Jup-Na-Keeeel and more Catastromix 99’ bursting from this album as you really trying to listen and choose thus blasts over Noise-Rock ! 

Soul Discharge: