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Brainseed Martyrium (Noise International 1992)

   After several years making disasters through-out our Extreme Thrash Metal world gone ashes for releasing the powerful hatred recordings of their own trademark sounds of Essen, Germany – the band that used to be called themselves Tormentor has turning to the other semi-legendary super-league players out of the best of the best as Kreator and after the several years of low down career; the menacing Thrash juggernaut’s back with this album from the late mid-nineties era Renewal which brought the aggression characters back to the higher points for the quartet of crushing Thrashers: bassist Rob Fioretti, Frank Gosdzik on guitars, drummer Jurgen “Ventor” Reil to the lead mastery main figure Mille Petrozza (guitars, vocals) written the various themes about Reflection on revenge, Karmic Wheel or Realitatskontrolle discussing about the social reducing of empathy feelings and the lost of communications as well as Europe After The Rain and Depression Unrest that for the less or worst shall blending the bigger wrath of angst towards the mixing of Hardcore/Metal, Thrash, Goth-Rock to Modern Alternative music that horribly, matches the predictions of our next future plans and terrifying events grab the continent by fear of insecurity – the next new millennium later.