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Brains Break (Bandcamp 2014)

Call them Alternative Rock, call them Grunge or you can calling them Post-Punk, Psychedelic or Shoegaze-core as you wish for but the truth is that the hen picture in front cover shown an anomaly sounds of these Portsmouth, UK band Battery Hens really propositions for their e.p releasing and that’s really freaking loud to hear by those whose loving to crank-up the volume in blast as the four tracks consisting inside the Battery Hens EP performed by Chuter, Tiller, Day and Reid as a quartet might sounded like the bastard child of Seattle Sound meets Hardcore-Pop that proudly born out of Aberdeen – the home of Kurt and Nirvana as the distortion music buzzing up with the melodic and feedback from downstairs of your daddy’s basement even when someone already closing the door. From the two minutes and sixteen seconds song on Synapse to the longest progressive distorted track in Weird Phobia; everything’s possible to blown up your grandma’s hearing device apart and for those who loves Rock N’ Roll much, this mini album might be a good start to beginning your day after being drunk heavily too much late last night ! 

Battery Hens e.p: