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Boy Smile Ocean (Tessa Barton 2012)

   The magical Folk-Pop group led by the beautiful Tessa Barton with her friends of musician and brothers: Luke and Chas Barton to Tony Farley composing the great rocking tunes which based in standard over Pop, Rock, Folk and Indie music influences that sounding excellent to listen. You might needed no more attractions cause the band themselves already written and recording  their materials proven to be amazing as naming theirs – Luna Lune with this debut album release on Walk With Me. As makers of music and dreaming their dreams in living with the promising products and long-awaited success closely comes towards them; thus tracks listed here on the album must be well-produced and the tone-sounds with or without acoustic to electric live band background would easily following the girl leader whose her vocals already trademarking the group’s movements in existence and songs like Love is a Killer or What I’m Looking For onto Green Lights and Dead to Me stating about how independent these musicians really wanted to be. Just follow the footsteps and the elephant doing the small jumping from clouds to another clouds to the glowing mother whom shining the darker night sky – showing you the choices for melodies and harmony vocals …

Walk With Me: