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Bottled Wind Roam (Bridge Nine Records 2011)

   Consisting of vocalist Jimmy Stadt, lead guitarist Chris Browne, Nate Morris, Erik Henning (bass) and Emmett Menke on drums formed from Rochester Syracuse of  upstate NY area as being Post-Hardcore, Emo-Rock, Alternative Rock to Melodic Punk group on the moves as Polar Bear Club having their intense existence sparkling with this third records release on Clash Battle Guilt Pride with Brian McTernan productions even when public already bored with Emo-Pop; Polar Bear Club keeps stepping in and marched stronger by sounds and courage waves the brilliant ideas on air, the mixed between hot and cold feelings for tried to warmth someone special whose being broken by dignity or vanity fair through the rocking themed songs like Kneel on Nails, Screams in Caves, Killin’ It, Pawner, My Best Days and Life Between The Lines. 

As nothing better to do now than rock out loud ! 

Clash Battle Guilt Pride: