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Blooperama Pride (Bandcamp 2014)

Several names of beatmakers, music composers and producers by the names of Illias Zohanidis (guitar), DJ Enthro (cuts), Kira (vocals), J.Kyriakou (guitar, vocals, production) to Waxyah, Solitary and Damned I joining their talented in collaborations of musical project called Coffee Break Cookies. 

Blending the most clever matches in building the good mixtures between Experimental Electronics to Hip-Hop, Psychedelic Blues and instrumental music as well as World Music sounds through the recording release of these fun tracks via Class of 2013. 

Whether you got the groovy beats out of track number four Down on Me or Gnossienne De Cookies (SavannaMix) and the rest of the teaming-up record produced by this project of music from Attica, Greece just try to remember not too sit too closer or looking into the eyes of that vampire girl on the front cover because she might eagerly, sucking your blood after jamming her fangs onto your neck while you’re kissing her. 

She’s guilty alright as well as the groovy music provided by the band to your stereo and ears pleasure versatility. 

Class of 2013: