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Bloodfrozen Blood (No Fashion Records 1995)

   Let’s make no mistakes that Black Metal isn’t one of Stockholm – Sweden’s largest exports in supplying their Extreme Metal music through-out the world but for Dark Funeral; things got a little bit different because as one of those semi-legendary groups that forming the stronger legacy for Scandinavian/Viking’s Heavy Metal extremity lords and masters as the scene over there getting better and stronger since the early nineties following the rise-up of the entire Heavy Metal clans of various hard music collectively, rooted on this land besides Norway. Writing their self-storytelling for Armageddon, anti-christianity, Satanism and death as first as Ahriman before changing to Dark Funeral with the band’s first studio recording highlights that shaken the entire underground Metal Extreme scene for The Secrets of The Black Arts that used to be compared to Venom’s rebellious and brutal works. 
   This aggressive album with the compositions of bassist/vocalist Themgoroth, Blackmoon the guitarist/vocals, Lord Ahriman on guitars and drummer Equimanthorn slicing the space and flesh of the religious living by using their fast and deadly aggression tempos and blasting crust double pedals drumming with the classic Black Metal screaming vocals and sometimes the melodious and scary sounds which capturing the terror messaging to the modern civilizations enslaved by new roman god and the bullshit false history. 
   Dark Funeral coming like a giant tidal of darkness below going up to swallows the good life and security out from your sight as well as the promises of broken made by liars called the institutional of churches. Blown up the stereo by put this album as loud as you can and praise Satan concluding the greatness effort of your own will onto My Dark Desire, When Angels Forever Die, Satan’s Mayhem to Shadows Over Transylvania or The Dawn No More Rise colliding one to another to burn the world apart into ashes. 

You will know that The Dark Age Has Arrived since them …