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Better Monsters (Bandcamp 2014)

Alternatively playing the nurturing Pop within its mixes for Electronic, Indie Rock and experimenting their Seattle sound influences – the duo sisters of Chloe Saavedra and Asya Saavedra may not trying to copy any acts sounded like them years before like Swing Out Sisters or Alisha’s Attic but the methods for composing songs and melodies around their mini album releasing on Committed to The Crime might effectively puts them onto the midst of this type of musical genre scenery as you would shaking heads because the songs are definitely listenable and awesome for an independent acts of Alternative Pop group; Asya performing keyboards play and singing while Chloe did the drumming and calling themselves Chaos Chaos after a quick changes from Smoosh. Committed to The Crime must be a good extended play record which filled up only with six tracks but one won’t be feeling disappointed for listening them all. 
From Love or Breaker to Do You Feel It ? relentlessly, sounded Pop-tinged and yummy as well as the two interesting girls sharing their passions and looks for the audiences to admire. Candy-addicted beats alert ! 

Committed to The Crime: