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Beneath The Flood (Clairecords 2001)

The instant buzzing sounds of the soft distortions from the favorable Dreamy-Pop guitars as well as the remarkable beauty weird female voice given the lead vocals and the background surroundings echoes for the musical play by the (used to be) band turning to duet of the last line-up of Laura Poinsette and Brad Richardson for releasing the group – Isobella’s second recording which entitled in complexity on A 24 Syllable Haiku showing several great materials which floating over the hanging-glider out on Shoegaze and Alternative Indie-Pop with Electro-synthesizers taste as well as Goth sounds influences. 

As the parts of smallest particles of frozen snows and the DNA of a living creature mixed into one as the breezing rainy touch of your colder six strings chords and riffs are everywhere and track-listing of the album truly pleasant picturing on Iluminous Insect, Autopilot, Olive to Kidnap Someone to Make Them Happy and Diana’s Secret Star would never faded back after you already listening to them and hiding those smiles from the crowds.  

A24 Syllable Haiku: