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Bed 5 We Die (Drink Ammo Records 2008)

Pop-Punk and distorted faster shall be a trademark for Punk Rock music in a modern world to catching attentions especially from thus skaters, rockers and sinners whose love the extreme ways possible activities and for that and the deep likes on semi-legends names like Social Distortions, NOFX or The Offspring; Maryland’s Stupyd Cow would be one of those lesser known bands out there that you need to count for a listening try-out or collections as the proof on their album – Jacob (The Donkey) even if its silly cover or the by-standard tracks keeping some of an underground Punk-Pop wisdom on its lyrics and this album really rocks in middle volume taste version. 
The acts of guitar solos which freaking tasty as well as the massive standard tempos might still annoying some parents to hating their guts but honestly – cracking songs like Unwelcome, Fun to Lose, High to low and Santa’s Song or Running (In Circles Again) shall liberating your afternoon after-school extreme sports hour like Johnny B Good on his Sunny Drink !

Jacob (The Donkey):