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Basscal I’Oisseau (Ant-Zen 2013)

A selective careful and melodic tunes works in the making by this furious technoid of modern classic accent voice samples and outburst influences through Dubstep, Hardcore and Industrial mid-tempo afflictions being impressive perfectly integrates to forming suspense by experimental unique sounds for satisfying attentive listeners by the cold hands of one man project’s masterminded from Vincent Ingouf. 
The project itself given the brethren lives through a format naming – simple as Lingouf and thus eerie sounds with musical breeding blends wrapped inside this rare recording on Illumina-TV; the strange releasing from the madness chaos brain-child that would feels like you entering the mythical animated odd-realm which showing more weird creatures in the middle of forest floor by your own conscious – either to explores or being lost without knowing the turning back road entrance anymore. 
From thus slower builds down-tempo mid-life crisis troubles to the quicker relenting substantive points of paranormal activities on whacking the invisible herd of cosmic rabbits; find your own holding points through the chosen few noisy Electro music from Bankster, Joyeuse-Apocalypse or Mur-en-Tyb-Step to I’aiguille-des-secondes or Mooos as tranquility might shows up in short counting or not.