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B C D (Smalltown Supersound 2016)

Thomas Moen Hermansen should be known there as a DJ and producer form Norway in Europe as he loved to mixing his style of the melting mélange over Kraut-Rock fusion with Disco, Electro, Space Rock and minimalist Techno in solo motion project of world chosen musical out of Oslo and calling himself now – Prins Thomas. 
The great Principe Del Notre album feels so enthusiastic posthumous where thus early 90’s Electronica sounds comparing by collider to Proto-Ambient mixed conventionally within thus synthesizers and drum machines to live drums and distinctive bass-lines available through an equation off nine alphabetical titles such as D, E or H as opening with A1 or A2 – all formed in instrumental and digital music sounds. 
Not refers as “too danceable” but thankfully, it still fits the purpose as our soundtracks for carried out dedicated steps following the path of life as it’s not too late, yet. Again from Prins Thomas …

Principe Del Notre: