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Augenschein Kindstod (Independent 2007)

   Writing the lyrics and music sounds of their own through social problems and politics by this Osnabruck, Lowery Saxony as the Melodic Darken Black Metal in standard mode-on and Goth-Rock influences absurdly emerge out of Nachtblut raw and extreme thoughts according to this debut album – Das Erste Abendmahl (The First Abendmahl) within these five-piece metallers: Askeroth (vocals), Greif (guitars), Sacerdos (bass, backing vocals), Lymania (keyboards) and Skoll (drums) really did well through these ten songs just like the sexual feast as the band-members and thus hot white females drinking and ritualistic orgy after midnight; given you the fanatic listeners a good mid-tempo metallic music taste and distorted shredding for semi-commercial purposes. Ketzer, Schreckenschor, Nie Gefragt to Heiliger Krieg or Mein Gebieter and Des Kleinen Herzens Letzter Schlag would equally sending the powerful message machine for blackest themed and anti-christianity campaign as proclaims by Black Metal melodic vengeance. 

Das Erste Abendmahl: