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Atomic Black Sermon (Bandcamp 2013)

   The long waited – all right reserved music of the second coming recording from this Wiltshire, England might giving you the crazy listeners a real-time of headbanger and more head-banging session following this Doomy Rock heavier slow-core beats Iron Hearse as the trio consisting for Kev the drummer, The Khan on bass guitar and Grant handling vocals/guitars blasting their opportunity distortions and cult riffs on the release-rising of Get In The Hearse and here thus eight songs feels like enough for the audiences to get into the classic experience where you will have joyous wall of fuzzing periods of guitars with a metallic bangs in your face as well as thus melodic mantra celibates the bass-lines for a good pounding on Vessel of Astaroth, Hydra’s Children, Orion’s Sword and Wolf Clergy. For a good cause; this one separates you from slave or the church.

Get in The Hearse: