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Asbestos T.O.D.D (Third Man Records 2015)


   Can Experimental Rock lives on longing to everlasting ?
That’s might just a silly question to asks to much in our heads but by listening to more songs homemade by the Detroit, Michigan’s Post-Industrial and Noise Music group which used to be just a solo project and consisting of Nate Young with Aaron Dilloway, John Olson and Mike Baljo or the touring extensive musician like Mike Connelly from Hair Police. 
   Neglecting how the release of Wolf Eyes’ semi-turmoil dedicated recording of I Am A Problem: Mind in Pieces; showing bosoms and derest’s cactus while the coyote waiting for the naked lady to die and feast or raping the female who seems looking deserted there. 
   The semi-Indie and Traditional noise sounds via Twister Nightfall or Catching The Rich Train as the opener in almost seven minutes over declaring Psychedelic Cult music you’ve loving to hear while under the influences of marijuana or being stuck in the middle of native rituals initiations or healing sessions in the middle of nowhere. 
   Monotonous and hypnotizing as it sparks; one might loved to getting trapped inside this giant capsule of Indie Rock Pop blender temple …

I Am a Problem - Mind in Pieces: