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Arthur Lee’s Lullaby (Dine Alone Records 2010)

   New York City born and American producer and Rock musician – Walter Schreifels really did a good fine job when he’s manage to then releasing his own personal solo recording within the boundless title of An Open Letter to The Scene; a great Indie-Pop or Alternative music products available for your pleasure collections within those awesome front cover artwork to the better and listenable sounds inside it – just like having one particular ice cream or candy-bar on a perfect moment as you wanted to eat them slow and carefully. Both semi-standard and mid-tempo electric live bands and acoustic variables caught everything you needed to have and hold from such an amazing album release like this one; Society Suckers, Save The Saveables, Shoutout, Don’t Gotta Prove It and Ballad of Lil’ Kim would be unpredictable presents for your weekend nights – cheering yourself up, sitting by the window and looking at the urban life down below as the moon whispering to hold on tight and be brave onto you – cause this isn’t the last of ours yet; many things needs to celebrates besides just being boring and stressed-out for a pile of work sheets and those work-late’s lying plans … 

An Open Letter to The Scene: