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Arrive Walls (Bandcamp 2015)


   Don’t get tricked because of the front cover of the recording shown you a man wearing gas-mask standing under the black umbrella with a suitcase next to him – waiting for the acid rain to fall on the barren and abandoned land on Chasing Light – an album recorded and releasing by the band: Built For The Future from San Antonio, TX.
Not a Metalcore group as you think they’re but more closer to Modern Rock/Emo-Pop, Progressive music retreats with Genesis, Porcupine Tree or Ultravox perhaps, going to be their choices for influence. 
   Concluded by Patric (backing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, programming, productions) to Kenny Bissett on lead vocals and being helped by the features of Dave Pena or Chris Benjamin (guitars), Imaya Farrell (cello/violin) as well as song-written together with Kenny; creating the mid-tempo music with more collaborates sounds coming out from the Prog-Rock contemplation and making the album to shines. 
The excessive bass guitars on Radiowave or Lightchaser, Speed of The Climb and Burning Daylight sounding dynamic as the vocals harmony really reached the similarity comparison to Extreme (the band) musical companion. 
   Built For The Future performing the almost excellent solid togetherness within the emerging of more exploring and sharing more of the standard but awesome music recording for an answer over problems and solutions as you traveling the adventurous journey of sounds. 

Just like Rush meets Tears for Fears after the weekend !

Chasing Light: