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Aquarius Butcher (Naïve 2004)

   Laetitia Cherif Ouazzani may build her own steps since the first time she decided to continuing her love to music, song-writings and producer which giving her a quality time and space for singing more further as a solo artist known as Laetitia Sheriff and this is her story that begins with a debut album called Codification. 

The Rennes, France born woman musician bringing her Alternative-Pop, Indie Rock sequence reference through the great songs and yummy vocals as well as thus awesome Folkish medium independent Rock sounds softer but wiser as we can listening to them on Music Box, Roses, No Moan and Baby Man for the very late hours insomniac people who loves Edith Piaf and French romancing moods music but not too darn old classic. 

A modern touches for you to enjoying lovely female singer on her non-selling out music for the Sleep Tight soundtrack tonight.