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Apostle Thrall (Bandcamp 2013)

   From the eerie softer piano or keyboards performance which almost lullabying you to eternal sleep; suddenly awaken back as the Black Metal cleaner beats and scarring Classic burst on extremity did shocking the audiences but as the band’s melodic twisted metal manifestation and growly vocals and also thankfully to the trio of this New England/Boston’s Sorrowseed: Morte McAdaver, Lilith Astaroth and Thomas Cyranowski through the Nemesis Engine album dealing with their big collision between twisted cacophony and tormented minds as being wrapped tight by Black Metal fanatic music and spawning the dark energy through-out the songs of Arcana (of The Lich Queen) to The Sepulcher Legionnaires and Divine Submission as well as Scourge of The Hierophant led by the female meets male blasphemous vocals as the band remains elusive.

Behold ...

Nemesis Engine: