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Ape To Angel (Dubmission Records 2006)

   Chill-Out measurement and type of mesmerizing kindness over harmony beats and grooves like oedipus but not complex in which led the surroundings for being brushed by fresh sounds or jazzy-tinged smothered thankful to these New Zealand duo from Auckland or Christchurch channeling their observer spiritual remixes groove onto the musical project of their own named Pitch Black; like a journey through music within this releasing record called Frequencies Fall – a natural green and environmental based album which encouraging people to caring more about how we needs to preserving the planet for the next generations as the front cover of futuristic cities relation in harmony as the beautiful nature still grown; you might finding some of thus toned messages through samples, mixes and noises collaborates on Freefall (Friends Electric remix), Lost in Translation (International Observer meets Horace remix) or The Random Smiler (Flix vs Red Star remix). 

As the guidance of your favorite mid-tempo and relaxing beats forming pretty well via Michael Hodgson and Paddy Free. 

Frequencies Fall: