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Alligator Serpent Papa (Self-Released 2011)

A Symphonic Rock or Orchestral Pop big band led by Nick Gregg with many many group musician members from Austin, Texas as the strings section of violins (Kira Bordelon, Clara Bill, Lisa Lam) to Maurice Chammah on piano/vocals to Rita Andrade (viola), Diana Burgess and Laura Andrade (cello) as well as Sterling Steffen (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Gilman Lykken (bassoon), Dusty Rhodes (bass), Tamir Kalifa (vocals, accordion, piano, bouzouki), Claire Puckett (vocals, guitars, banjo, vocals) and drummer Issac Winburne as many other names included for Mother Falcon – the band releases on Alhambra which contains Baroque-Pop, Classic Indie Rock, Pop-Symphonic and Chamber Music that sounding artistic and soft to the audiences ears just like listening to the modern orchestrations playing their modern tunes within the rootsy Folk and Pop reminiscent. Alhambra brings its best cuts tunes like Sanctuary, Drown Me in The River, Just to See Her Smile, Fireflies and Overture opening the magnificent recording – that you might never heard lately, since the essential Smashing Pumpkins done it or the Alt-Rock compilations given the barracks of theirs as a shelter to the pure listeners from the plagiarism storms.