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Agni Kravyad (W.T.C Productions 2017)


   Baptised into The Faith of Lust would be the third recording released by this Black metal trio from Limburg an der Lahn, Hesse – Entartung with their themed musical tracks about philosophy, religion, ancient mythology or darkness tricks playing on your lifeless strings severed and tortures for many more years before the evil known to the world wins over your good old lord’s faith. The band members Haistuff (drums), Vulfolaic (vocals, bass, keyboards) and Lykormas (guitars, vocals) blasting the artistic and classic harsh vocals, extreme measurement and brutal sounds but all controlled well just like the meeting of a master to his new young apprentice nearby the edge of the forbidden woods as the blasphemous spitting wrath and Black Metal’s might keep on reigning supreme – thanking to this kinds of underground and independent bands like Entartung within De Sura Frukterna, Der Werwolf, Vices of The Prophet, Black Dog of God or Hymne a la Beaute or Resurrectio Mortuorum really sending the blast to those whom opposed. The mystery can be revealed since then or the black magic remains on air surrounds the small town as the blessings from demonic possession or the curse romance lending the cruelty abroad and beyond.

Baptised into the Faith of Lust: