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Aeterna Lux (Edgerunner Music 2006)

   Not many Gothic Metal rockers known coming from Oslo – Norway as the ultimate land of Black Metal and Extreme Music of the Northern part of blue continent of Europe delivering to us these quartet of Where Angels Fall with the group member compositions of guitarist Andre Bendigtsen or Oyvind “Lionheart” Larsen onto the bass player Kristian Andersen, female front woman on lead vocals – Eirin bendigtsen (the dark-haired goddess) and skin-pounder Ole Kristian Lovberg brought their mid-tempo and groovy format musical as heavy as the melodic rock tasty the sky to coming back to landed again in its most natural touches upon the desirable themes and softer attracting penetration beats produced by Where Angels Fall for this debut album Illuminate. 
Eleven tracks and most of them comes like a hazy dream escaping the romance to kiss the dying last breath over the darker love dilemma arouse between tides of realm wrapped by harmonies and beauty – one would love to kept for themselves. 
Blurry edges or shadows rising colliding through Shining Path, Trusting You, Edge of Sanity, The Falls Embrace, Dies Irae and Hollow. 

Illuminate Album: