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A Teaspoon Salt (Nux Organization 1994)

This third releasing or the first full album as the band’s working results with Steve Albini; Melt-Banana as the semi-underground products off Tokyo, Japan having their consistency spreading faster with the world-wide media lying eyes on them closely as the trio experimenting rockers; Yasuko Onuki, Ichirou Nagata and Rika under different name then blasting their way internationally as the chaotic music declarations from them really sounded annoying and only small few people would appreciate this. Alternative Rock Noise or Grindcore Pop or experimental craziness really can be approved to be their choices in order to make the artistic value over their musical projects getting rare, raw but higher on prize. You might reconsidered to take your time and listening to Speak Squeak Creak as the album pick-ups because there’s plenty songs inside but you need more than just a good interpretation to maximize the boosts on understanding disturbing sicker tracks like So Unfilial Rule, Dust Head, Mouse is a Biscuit, Stick Out, Switch or P.B.D – squeezing your mind soft.

Speak Squeak Creak: