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I Am The Hunted (Clay Records 1982)


   From special underground Hardcore ultimate bands of England to one of the most compromising legends for the early Thrash Metal or Speed Rock scenery later on years after the releasing of the group’s third recordings and a peak reality about how Hardcore Punk seeing the changing of worlds and relating the uncommon barriers between the underground music society and the social values bigots with a fist-fighting written lyrics and fast aggressive music beats tougher, meaner or braver no matter what for how long it is going to take for a revolution in a change of season – an equality among men and women not the wealthy and the haves only just like the thematic theorist reality stories via City Baby Attacked by Rats.
Collin Abrahall, Ross Lomas, Scott Preece and Colin Blyth proud as (Charge) GBH sometimes standing for an acronym inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy trial which emerged thus term called Grievous Bodily Harm that refers to G.B.H while others shouted for Great Britain Hardcore. 
From this infamous underground album you shall have a parade of skillful and revolting themed tracks like Heavy Discipline, The Prayer of A Realist, Wardogs, Passanger on The Menu to Bellend Bop. 
When things getting too damn commercial and even your family’s turning their back from your social works efforts – don’t worry cause you still got the fighting songs anthem through this one ! 

City Baby Attacked By Rats:

Free Speech The Dumb (Clay Records 1982)


   A side from being one of those most important revolutionary bands of all time from the Hardcore Punk scene community; Staffordshire-UK’s group Discharge would definitely not friendly and chaotic for you to hear them perform.
Not mentioning the characters that brought within themselves which mostly in total fast and metallic-tinged type of sounds regarding those whom believed that Rock music should turning just like these British Hardcore/Metal cross-over music and truly, the headbangers and fist-fighters will finding them addictive.   
   Listening to all the D-Beats or KangPunk (Booty Punk) distortions and heavy faster aggression through Discharge’s best third recording Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing and feel the fury themes towards the fucked-up new world we have been living in since within The Final Bloodbath, Protest and Survive, I Won’t Subscribe, Drunk with Power, The Possibility of Life’s Destruction or A Hell on Earth and asked yourself – are these correctly true or you just shut your eyes away from these whole shit news ? 

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing:

Chaleur Des Jonnhae (Bandcamp 2016)


   Taken or dragged out from the B-side prototype project of his other releasing record – this elemental fulfillments of the life circle themes on Vegetal: Offshoots would be Fakear the Caen’s Downtempo Electronic and World Musical project acclaimed features that would sounding relaxing but also concerning by slower spreads for those whom already know and having extra attentions for saving the life-based maintenance here on Planet Earth by listening to these seven tracks recording over the great job of mixing by Fakear.
   From the opening Mantra with traditional Indian tablas as the main attraction beat-guidance to the density of crystal-sampling noises through La Dance Des Etoiles to Uprising as the music rhythms taking over the humanoid jobs vocals for describing the most important things we need to preserved now before too late.   

Vegetal: Offshoots is a green and environmental album you should listen before joining any non-profit organizations to helping Mother Earth heals … 


Palace In Crime (Columbia 2015)


   Naming themselves after the most hype things needed by the world as a new addiction since the awakening of Rn’B and Hip-Hop music – The Internet must be one of those newer group from Los Angeles out there that would taking you on a flow-riding groovy beats towards their mid-tempo of Soulful Alternative Black Music as Rhythm and Blues providing the signature comfort zone for the listeners enjoying the band’s third installments on Ego Death.
Still consisting of Christopher A. Smith, Patrick Paige, Jameel Bruner, Matt Martians and Syd The Kyd off Odd Future; presenting the most outrageous delicious silky smoothy sounds through this gifts and talents of the blacks. 
   As you will flying a bit higher but safe within the notations, beats and tones requiring only ordinary ears to catch them and tracks of social fortunes and intimated sensuality like Under Control, Gabby (featuring Janelle Monae), Go with It (featuring Vic Mensa), For The World (featuring James Fauntleroy) or Girl (featuring Kaytranada) might not easily to getting rid off even after the stains of hot sex last night already dry or washed but your minds still playing tricks up there – dreaming about the next meeting for Special Affair or Something’s Missing below Penthouse Cloud. 

Ego Death:

Fino Alla Arsenico (Columbia 2000)


   You like Euro-Pop and Euro-Dance (and) Italian girls ?

Well, for that questions there’s an answer and it is might one be Paola & Chiara or The Lezzi Sisters as thus Italian Pop duo with beauty and catchy music as well as the beat moods best for slow dancing or intimate cuddles under the sign of hot Summer days with plenty acoustic and Latin sounds of guitars or atmosphere vaporizing on each other through the group third album release – Television. 
   A very good and odd and sensually magic for them whose in loving tight within the sub-genre of easy-listening and popular blending not only Techno-Pop but also romantic and ballad lyrics eventually would giving the attachments even more glued then before as your ears get mesmerizing by the soft, harmonic or tempting sounds through tracks recorded here like Amoremidai which clinging on the part romancing and melodies knitting for making it best to listening or the opener song of beat-box mixed of sexuality themed and relationships within Vamos A Bailar (Esta Vida Nueva) trying to change your bad old life into a new one better as well as dancing crazy hot like a couple (even) when you’re not. 

Futher more touches as Euro-Pop and Pop-Electro fulfilling your weekend dreams. 


Clock Tower (No Hats No Hoods 2012)

Grime rhyming Hip-Hop beats and slaying method music presented by Crackatoa of UK underground based composer/guardian of tempos through the mini recording named Strange Encounters that blending mass murdering instrumental beats sounding like a killer format for the fanatic audience to either dance-manic or ready to go out and do the shoot-out like a brave along or die trying as this might fully added for the soundtrack originally on Back to The Future movie if the company decided that they will do a re-make for Marty on his time-travelling mission one more time again ...  

Listen to Twin Tone to Bronze and let us know that you already get it right not regret.

Strange Encounters:

Disjoint Spore Tambo (Exploding In Sound Records 2014)

   Painted your ears not with gladness but unconscious feelings when you felt the uncertainty glancing on air and the tied date for release the reports might destroying you in a day but worries not cause when you found out there’s still a good sensible band with a weird acts or sounds to choose from Boston, MA area then it could be Grass is Green; the free-concept of Indie-Pop and Rock-Art intentions and mixed race band consisting of four as Andy, Devin, Mike and Jesse re-working their influenced musical views from the likes of Fugazi to Shudder to Think or Os Mutantes to Polvo and Wu Tang Clan; blistering the medium parts of distorted noise and buzzing Pop to the atmospheric sleazy melodies and fully charged attitudes on admiring the relentless value brought back by Seattle Sound or Grunge movements that had been born since the last decades after Kurt Cobain’s turning himself to be a martyr for the semi-establishment on how you might seeing yourself finding the self-proclaiming music since then. Grass is Green’s Big Dog Tee Shirt Birthday Weekend to Another Song called Supersoaker or Scattering Ram and Sammy So-Sick taken from their album – Vacation Vinny would relatively being the discharging facts that Alternative Rock or Pop Indie should always be seriously stays there on the charts on the edge of a mainstream for either a good laughs or the replacing boredom on regular fake music billboard overrun …

Vacation Vinny:

Lies Into My Veins (Alfa Matrix 2010)

   Not quite a great music for spending your quiet calm or normal evening with the releasing from this Black Metal and Industrial Electronic or simply, known also as the Bloodsucker-Trance noise, blasting their blasphemous terror beats of dark realm and underground basic for nightmarish dancing themes as some of their notes might be a key for anyone who being lucky for entering the hidden society of nocturnal modern nosferatu’s breed in their clubs or lair if you can finding the door to that. Alien Vampire is the group formed by those separatist army of Electro-Techno-Dance-heads from both UK and Italy and next steps while recorded dozens of albums and singles to many collaborating acts within thus similar groups or coven; the spreading of the band’s disease of Harsh EMB, Industrial-Electro, Aggrotech or Dark Electro are getting intensive and regularly accepted by the most underground society of non-vampiric such as the Anarchist or hackers and Environmentalists  leading the assembly for global fights and attacking movements towards evil corporations or religious symbols as the reigning life-style and mode already captures the essential core of power from this sub-genre music. The Harshlizer album should be the band’s ultimate release where Nysrok Infernalien done the vocals, synthesizers or guitars while Nightstalker did the drumming, programming, mixing and synthesizers with several collaborators, additional musicians and pussies for “feeding” fun through-out the temptation of crazy beats and intense force on songs like She’s on Drugs (more than me), Control The Universe, Death March, Entity or Fearless and See You in Hell – definitely giving the superb touch of colder sharpen nails feasting on weak souls on the dark corners while Evil Bloody Music blasts off ! 


Jah War (Ninja Tune 2008)


   Before Dub-Step becomes the world shocking moment and style that sounded cooler than sex; there’s a story not many people know about how Kevin Martin – the Berlin Industrial and Techno-Rock music producer releasing his own sicker ideas in order to creating another new plan about how to composing more sicker music for sicker people but this time the alliance turning out to be the one solo project created by Mr. Martin as The Bug formatting the sounds on a tight combinations between Bhangra, Latino beats, Drum n’Bass to pointless samples experiments and kaboom – we got one of the releasing suffocated Disco-Electro-Loco in London Zoo.

We shall heard Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Grime Rock to onslaught noises via Murder We, Skeng, Freak Freak and Fuckaz or Poison Dart (original mix); take your turns to drink the shooters and grab a girl or at least, if there’s a fight out there you still can hit someone rather than just hiding or get unconscious or robbed. 

London Zoo teaching you to dance and self-defending activities at the same time but you might not realized it. 

London Zoo:

Scorpion Rampage (Bizarre Leprous Production 2007)

   Subversive sonic bombs of tons Grinding Core tracks like Scientific Morbidity, Swarming Plague, Extraterrestrical Infiltration to Nuclear Systemshock and Carnivorous Massextermination may coming like a hazardous menacing form made by one man project of the Gore-Grind off Frankfurt, Germany’s Marcus with then came along the recruits and joining force from some ex members of other sick bands around like Alf (Afterblast) or Andreas (Anal Whore) as this group Plasma moving on towards unrecognizable like a cheap B-rated of low budget Sci-fi film about terrifying monstrous creatures hunts for human flesh or destroying cities in a serious attacks alone or in swarming numbers via the scary album - Creeping! Crushing! Crawling! carried their Czech Republic society problems themed.

The best thing for being independent would be that you might do anything you like, as louder as you wanted to and hating almost everything for the total bursting chaos of this Grind-Core anti-mankind music ! 


Rilke Family (Bridge Nine Records 2013)

   Not being too damn successful with his Hardcore/Punk-Rock band projects for almost over six years and kept non-recognizable; your singer and song-writer and musician – Derek Archambault now trying to holding to his cling-holder as a one-man solo acoustic Pop-Rock with emotional tastes project which called simply by himself as Alcoa that actually, didn’t sounding bad and strangely, did well whilst more people and grown up fan-based for liking what this guy did within it using Alcoa that recorded its greater release for Bone & Marrow which got helped by some additional players and musicians of friends and some other instrumentations played by Mr. Archambault himself and carrying us away in a slow-walks not for running from something but while listening to thus harmony melodic over six-strings standard tempos off Emo-coustic records that spawning awesome tracks which can easily telling you to sing them together and as the vocals of Derek sounding honest and plain but seemed to be not easily to forget especially, for the teenage girls loving how a good rocker can creating such an elegant cool image onto them to see and the almost-perfect album songs sprinkling wisdom on their lyrics about daily days and urban living as being told through Limbs, Drowned, Cab Rides and Cigarettes or Second Untitled to Lucky Me as well as Whiskey and Wine for the lonely only stepping alone while others mocking you as a weirdo or the society playing tricks on you – hatred prevails but in the end it’s maturity which saves the day by this … 

Bone & Marrow:

Wings & Waves (Sweet Records 2013)

   Whether it is for only advertisement jingle song or not and you might loving it or not too; these Madrid’s sixty to seventy vintage Funky O’ Rama performing group could definitely attracting your interest for the look of something freshly not new but never fails to keeping everybody dancing tight in sweats or a couple making hours of sexual intercourse in a small cheap hotel’s room using this great musical project that pops-out from the combinations of a deadly Jazz, Soul, Psychedelic, Blues and the best will be came right after the sun comes up and rise – ready to burn you all up and with one single simple talks, having chances to get laid with the home girl next door that never spoken to you before your stereo playing The Sweet Vandals a bit loud from the living-room and crossing the walls and plank-wooden border fences arrived to hypnotizing mostly babes or mature women around your block to come out sweaty sexy and dancing their asses off for you today ! 
The total beatable sounds and thus curved techniques crashing the silence and risen spirits shining brighter or the party night’s wilder when one get a courage to have these real musicians off the group: Javier “Skunk” Gomez, Jose Angel “Yusepe” Herranz, Mayka Edjole, Santi “Sweetfingers” Martin and Santi Vallejo releasing their funked-up tremendous and unstoppable music via the newer album – After All. 
The good compositions with many various mixed sounds to the better choice for you to listen to Better Than I Am, Old Souls, Whether You Like It or Not and many many more of awesome music to let you thrown the boredom down the basement. 

After All: 

Imposter Scythe (Golden Antenna Records 2012)

Easily reminding you – especially, thus whom loving and into Progressive Metal to Doom/Sludge sorrow world of sounds pioneering by thus independent names such as Pelican or Baroness; as these magnificent underground group from Mannheim, Germany named Planks mixing their excellent sounds from the Hardcore/Doom Metal to Black Darker Metal influences as the products come exploding like eruptions as you can hear from them on the release of their third recording – Funeral Mouth. 
The trio of Marcel (bass), Benny (drums) and Ralph (guitar/vocals) truly blasting and quite a bit devastating by their solitude slow-tempo in heavier riffs performance. 
You need to stay away from your stereo or just drown yourself into the selfish melodic visualizing thumper-beats over An Exorcism of Sorts, Agnosia Archetype to Desolate Once … as well as Weak and Shapeless – turning the tide from emptiness to fulfillment in darker place of Doomy realms as your eyes seeing the blurred black figure appearing in front of you carrying mysterious ghastly rage. 

Funeral Mouth:

Yosemite Walnuss (Duchess Box Records 2016)

Pop Alternative and Country Rock influences mixed with the rootsy Folkish music and foreigner touches of berlin, Germany’s Indie sounds – these all girls band whose calling themselves Gurr might be a great choice for you to learn more about this type of music scene after the new millennium came to us. 

Meet the cutey trio of Jil Marz (bass), Laura Lee Jenkins (drums, vocals) and Andreya Casablanca (vocals, guitars) carrying these eleven Jangle-Pop tracks tuned-in deliciously within songs wrote by themselves like Moby Dick, #1985, Diamonds, Computer Love to Song for Mildred would be some of the great choice for one to listen. Simple in happiness as the melodic harmony tones reacting to people as the behavior turned to specifically, joyful just like the expecting celebration for April jubilee parade on the back of an open car rounding up your small town in smiles. 

In My Head:

Spooky Hurt (Epic 1994)

It’s pretty much a shame that you perhaps, crossing your way in searching for good Alternative Rock groups on the nineties and found The Grays album – Ro Sham Bo where actually; recorded, written and composed by the founders of the band project: Jon Brion, Jason Falkner, Dan McCarroll and Buddy Judge as their side-show interest because some of them  already known as good musicians and producers but The Grays should be lived long enough with more than one releasing debut album only. 

Time has changed and there’s nothing you can do to stop the group from disbanded but within this awesome Indie-Pop Rock record one shall ultimately, finding some of the foursome greatest works heavily influenced by The Beatles and Psychedelic Pop like the hit single Very Best Years, Same Thing, Everybody’s World as well as Friend of Mine or Nothing Between. 

Perfectly, capturing melodic and soothing tones ! 

Ro Sham Bo:

Meridian Earth (AFM Records 2000)

Fixing your trust on excellent Doom and Death Metal recording through this Kassel, Hesse – Germany from the early new millennium releasing studio album of Sleeping Gods’ New Sensation. The awesome vocals by guitarist Tim Siebrecht to neat doomy/thrashy drumming by Lars Pristl as well as bassist Bjorn Lupke and guitarist Markus Stephan spoken about romance, death and dreams within their powerful Heavy Metal music aus Deutschland on Together as One, Sweet Suffering to My Favorite or Where The Flavor is opening by the blasting track of H99. 
As the perfect riffs and choruses rising the tide of both depressive taken from a Gothic influence to thus melodic solos and certain measurements over how Sleeping Gods should have enough attractions to make themselves known pretty much but unfortunately, ended being disbanded. 
Such a greater album delivering from the late nineties era of Western European Heavy Metal scene which kept staying underground but healthy. 
If you love standard tempos and blasting sound preference to a classic performance Goth-Metal in symphony; this one’s for you.

New Sensation:

Irreverence Bleak (W.T.C Productions 2011)


Melbourne’s lesser-known acts of Black Metal/Death Metal communion used to called Eidolon but re-known now as Order Of Orias which might quite presuming as a cult-iconic troops of a new beliefs based on knowledge, alchemist, opposite faith, rebellions and illumination themed and ideas projecting back onto the world with terrorizing sounds, blasphemous lyrics and total destruction kinds of Extreme Heavy Metal music not on hold but being unleashed to fucking crush the humanity and mankind – cleansing the world.
Taken the wrath of total blackness and raw arts of extremity from the album Inverse; these Victorian blasphemers are definitely not your friends and shall never make friends when all that they would ever care is presenting the chaotic performance, great devastation music and killing people – instantly. 
Listen to the wise messages captured on their lyrics for the tracks of Offering, Concealer, Presence or Void; as the destructions are upon us – don’t pray anymore to falseness but preparing yourself to be transformed into something deadly and beautiful not as humans.