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Cliffhanger Aquarium (Inner Wound Recordings 2016)

As the departure of her real beauty existence upon Amberian Dawn to the next resurrections through the project called by Heidi Parviainen – Dark Sarah really something to start everything and the Folkish soft displaying the image of different version of maleficent the forest demon-elf on The Puzzle album as her next second releasing with the operatic procedure on the combination of Alternative Modern Rock, Gothic Metal to thus literacy based on the local folklore and epic saga there on Kerava, Finland.
The burst of slower or the standard tempo on the chosen Neo-Classical Metal and things related to story-teller will right be here attached intact. Heidi whose getting the help she needs from musicians like Sami Salonen, Erkka Korhonen to Rude Rothstein and Thomas Tunkkari did adding effectiveness while recording and releasing the album. 
Your favorite songs might be anything here to choose; from Island in The Mist that being exotic to the magical Breath and For The Birds to the eerie Ash Grove and thus sensuality captured inside Deeper and Deeper – wishing you the hypnotics of lullaby and a deadly goodnight kisses spells, possessing your fate after midnight. 

The Puzzle:

Apostle Thrall (Bandcamp 2013)

   From the eerie softer piano or keyboards performance which almost lullabying you to eternal sleep; suddenly awaken back as the Black Metal cleaner beats and scarring Classic burst on extremity did shocking the audiences but as the band’s melodic twisted metal manifestation and growly vocals and also thankfully to the trio of this New England/Boston’s Sorrowseed: Morte McAdaver, Lilith Astaroth and Thomas Cyranowski through the Nemesis Engine album dealing with their big collision between twisted cacophony and tormented minds as being wrapped tight by Black Metal fanatic music and spawning the dark energy through-out the songs of Arcana (of The Lich Queen) to The Sepulcher Legionnaires and Divine Submission as well as Scourge of The Hierophant led by the female meets male blasphemous vocals as the band remains elusive.

Behold ...

Nemesis Engine:

Romasanta (Independent 2015)

   Psychomachia would be the first baby step for this Katowice, Poland group whose playing their ways with fire as the decisions to create a solid Symphonic Rock band suddenly, becoming a reality as Dark Letter finding themselves in the middle of campaign for staying alive as you getting through the night while the ghostly skeleton hands keeps distracting your calmness as the standard music of e.p recording giving the members Michal Matusz (bass), Beata Golinska (vocals), Malgorzata Antosz-Konieczna (keyboards), Roman Antosz (guitars) and Arek Franozs (drums) trying to make the air thin by shutting down the artificial oxygen that still become a demanding rights just like Sleepy Hollow, Anneliese (the terror story) and Toy. 

Double vocals harmonization begins with Dark Letter shows. 


Lost Lonely (Steamhammer 1991)

   Formed in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg: Germany’s great rockers commonly known as Letter X the band that mixing Heavy Progressive Rock with the themes like darkness, night-time to personal touch really corny to discuss but more intelligent would be the band’s trying to be the new Def Leppard or Ronnie Dio impersonator but the led guitarists Frank Schmidts and Rudiger Fleck or lead vocalist Steffen Lauth exposing the band’s semi-Thrash and Speed Metal performance through the characters as well as the double-pedals and cool harmony really making Letter X's album Time of The Gathering as the militia sounds on Strong Believer, Leather on Leather and Princess of Darkness; yet – seems to be looking quite ordinary but extra-ordinary about how someone preserved them. 

Reaching sounds as should be an excellent classic one ...

Time of The Gathering:

Bubblebop Shot (Selfish Records 1989)

   Noise-Rock/Japanoise, Psychedelic Rock or Experimental Rock off Osaka, Japan repetitively like minimalist and Ambient Music generally, mixed with Space Rock, Krautrock, Dub Rock and Psychedelic with their heretic sounds of fury and electric powerful blending towards Art-Rock as well as Punk Rock attitude ready for the experiments for Boredoms – the band consisting of drummer Ikuo Taketani, guitarist Tabata Mitsuru, bassist Hosoi Hisato, Makki Sasarato on vocals cranking their anger management’s Hardcore Punk music with insane volume as well as thus weird screams, animal instinct’s voice and more destructible force following their performance including this second album Soul Discharge. One shall meet all of thus crazy things and form arts of retarded Rock music ever did as produced by the Japanese rocker’s new generations whom remarkably realizing the next steps of interest away from just protecting the commercial ways but hit their way through another “non-usual” passage and making this extra-ordinary recording that shows how wilder the female members of the band as well as the rest of Boredoms blitzing out with TV Scorpion, Sun Gun Run, Z&U&T&A, Pow Wow Now to Jup-Na-Keeeel and more Catastromix 99’ bursting from this album as you really trying to listen and choose thus blasts over Noise-Rock ! 

Soul Discharge:

Augenschein Kindstod (Independent 2007)

   Writing the lyrics and music sounds of their own through social problems and politics by this Osnabruck, Lowery Saxony as the Melodic Darken Black Metal in standard mode-on and Goth-Rock influences absurdly emerge out of Nachtblut raw and extreme thoughts according to this debut album – Das Erste Abendmahl (The First Abendmahl) within these five-piece metallers: Askeroth (vocals), Greif (guitars), Sacerdos (bass, backing vocals), Lymania (keyboards) and Skoll (drums) really did well through these ten songs just like the sexual feast as the band-members and thus hot white females drinking and ritualistic orgy after midnight; given you the fanatic listeners a good mid-tempo metallic music taste and distorted shredding for semi-commercial purposes. Ketzer, Schreckenschor, Nie Gefragt to Heiliger Krieg or Mein Gebieter and Des Kleinen Herzens Letzter Schlag would equally sending the powerful message machine for blackest themed and anti-christianity campaign as proclaims by Black Metal melodic vengeance. 

Das Erste Abendmahl:

New Empire (The Eastern Front 2008)

Only being known by its origin country on Israel; persons whom listening to the depressive sound-noise mixes made by Krauzer might finding it a little bit difficult to understands except for the historic themes about the background stories related to the Crusades of European Christian Army to the Middle East. With this releasing entitled In Hoc Signo Vinces which evaporates the mixing lower-sounding of Electronic forms in depth darker mixture of variable noise-products that started from the numbers of songs like Concile De Clermont as the Pope collectively unites his own army of peasants, barons and kings marching towards Jerusalem and executing the infidels for greedily retaken the holy city under the ruling Christendom as followed by Deus Lo Vult. An English-lyrics tones of Our Sights are set at the Holy Land or Les Premiere Batailles are definitely telling the audiences about how bloody and gory Jerusalem had felt and the sign of Templar brought by Kreuzer will said it all offensively. Triple parts of Saint Graal music nearly at the end of the record taught us about how power and politics will never lived longer than it supposed to be based on greed and envy but knowledge lives on forever even after the Final Rain and the great loss of humanity. The themed basic on military, Industrial and Ambient mixed well to haunts us as the history seems to be blurred and distorted as exposes in darker music. 


Hibernation Deer Head (Profound Lore Records 2013)

Your mysterious two-man project of the combining on Avant-Garde, Folk-Rock, Doom Metal and Progressive Rock with whispering vocals like a grateful format of bad Country-Metal ballads which actually, not trying to mending anything but make their worsen of Dark Folk-Metal music sounds completed by the main offender masters of multi-instrumentalist Erik Wunder and guitarist Clint Kamerzell that build this project in Fort Collins, Colorado which later added by musicians like Joshua Lozano, Scott Edwards to more names addition after the leave of Clint Kamerzell and Man’s Gin went road-shows with different line-ups remaining the originality to Erik Wunder himself. The releasing of Man’s Gin secondary album Rebellion Hymns might promising something new from the band as slower doomed attitude sounds and wiser lyrics flowing carefully through the group’s repertoir along Never Do The Neon Lights (percussions by Brian Alien), Old House (Bark at The Moonwalk) with solo guitars by John Lammachia to Off The Coast of Sicily (with Elise Wunder on vocals) or the opening accordion played by Tom Tierney for the song Inspiration. 

Not like a tragic story off the past fur hunters epic fails or success in the woods but closer to it. 

Rebellion Hymns:

The Undercaste (Profound Lore Records 2010)

Specifies for the metallic talks on their Progressive Dark Metal music and Black Metal extremities through the more triggered professional recording sounds that defy intrusion between your magnificent and average acts off this San Francisco misty hallowed group of five naming themselves Ludicra and consisting with lead female singer Laurie Sue Shanaman, female guitarist Christy Cather, Aesop Dekker the drummer, Ross Sewage the bass player and guitarist John Cobbett writing their lyrics about hopelessness, despair, drugs, city life and as one might finally find the mysterious door leads to the other side as all your answers lie down there through Ludicra’s recording release on the band last album – The Tenant; nobody should denying the Black Metal evil force exploding high through this one and the vary results may occur unnoticed and unstable as the incarnations of the dark music released within these seven tracks of destruction via A Larger Silence, In Stable, Stagnant Pond or Clean White Void; barely – drowning anyone whose trying to touch the invisible watery surface surrounding the mysterious door on The Tenant. 

The Tenant:

Larval Door (Profound Lore Records 2008)

Listening to Temporary Antenna – the third recording from this one man project of Experimental Black/Doom/ Death Metal made by Andrew Curtis-Brignell whom doing all the musical instruments while his brother Jon Curtis-Brignell did the bass guitar performance on some parts of the track-lists; these Hampshire/Sussex – UK product of distorted rigorous terror sounds basic performance which definitely really could affecting your low-minded consciousness as the artistic artworks and noisy blast of melodic metal-music as non-monotonously did performed lots of angry riffs but also muted smooth acoustic for the balance scale that captured on Caina’s third recording album that artistically proved to be their masterpiece here; you might losing yourself while let this record play on your stereo-system as the songs of sorrow and misery like Willows and Whippoorwills, Petals and Bloodbowls, None Shall Die and Tobacco Beetle as the opener begins the journey with Manuscript found in Unmarked Grave 1919 sounding creepy enough for you. 

Temporary Antenna:

III 11:01 (Profound Lore Records 2008)

This is one of thus one-man studio project recording artist with his extreme genre style of Avant-Garde Terror Doomy Metal with a very dark descent sound effects which never will playing a live show; meet Half Makeshift with the real name figure of Nathan Michael – doing his best in exploring the deepest fear or disgust feelings as the carried blend for Ambient, Drone, Post-Rock and Sludge emerging in slow-motions as the eerie creepy noise samples echoed like an endless swirling path leading you to be lost through nowhere. The record itself entitled Omen and divided into four tracks and one should know that once they’re playing these music – forever you shall be trapped inside its tones of misguidance experimental like Omen I in fifteen minutes duration to the end credit closing of IV in twelve minutes of painful corridors. 


Mentu Dynasty (Profound Lore Records 2006)

Satanism, magick and occultism as the technology took over the fear of being enslaved as well today; one really needs to have a quiet quality time listening to Thralldom with Jaldagar (drums, noise, electronics) and Killusion (vocals, bass, guitars) off Long Island – NY regardless to refused on not playing their experimental Black Metal with the Classic extreme touch through this record A Shaman Steering The Vessel of Vastness and then kill someone on your weekend night with a dull knife. Ritualistic monotonous tempos and there’s nothing new under the conspired man-made satellites in outer space but the same darkness calls via tracks like Narrow Road, Quantum Frost, Only The Dead Speaks The Truth; unanticipated.   


Wasteland Destroyer (Profound Lore Records 2011)

The shading of darker forms of Doom Metal healthy scene in New York again tells you to take this abrasive pledging above riff-age to these magnificent quartet of B.J Graves (drums), Josh Graham (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Joel Hamilton (synthesizer, wurlitzer organ) and Domenic Seita (bass, vocals) as they’re bursting this game-changing sounds which literary dark, haunting, smoothly distorted and enjoyable as it melodic through your ears as the releasing on the third mystical album artworks showing us the lady of the light-bearer means sometimes refers to Venus or Moon goddess by A Storm of Light through the album - As The Valley of Death Becomes Us Our Silver Memories Fade – as a very distinctive recording release. 
One and many shall found out the great power within the balancing of magic or violence by listening to Black Wolves, Wretched Valley, Collapse, Leave No Wound and Death’s Head blasting the stereo. The reality of horrific terms related to doomsday’s themes may one day be proven as people will definitely cry for not believing it … 


Epicurus Midas (Heavy Psych Sounds 2017)

   Non-overrated with less modern affections but retro grabbing riffs and sounds like being thrown back into the seventies Heavy Rock era with bashing grooves and mystic lyrics themed made possible by the hardworking efforts from these Italian trio of Stoner Rock and Doom-Rock calling Doctor Cyclops whose can be traced within their favorite likes inspired by the glorious chords and riffs borrowed from the elderly son of Black Sabbath to Witchfinder General, Spiritual Beggars or Captain Beyond respectively within this powerful Local Dogs album. 
As the newer heroes for Stoner Metal scene today as Alessandro Dallera (drums), Francesco Filippini (bass guitar) and Christian Draghi (guitars, vocals) cranking their button’s up track-listing through Stardust, Wall of Misery, Stanley The Owl and Druid Samhain or Witch’s Tale sounding epic like story-telling folklore focus being told by the minstrel player to the small masses somewhere at the edge of the forbidden woods.

Local Dogs:

Witch Cosmic Fire (Independent 2014)

   Opening by the first explosive track – Battlefield Girth within its four minutes one second penetration to cracking your skull is the manageable Doom Metal distortion music performs by Destroyer of Light band (Austin, Texas) consisting of Jeff Klein (bass), Kelly “Penny” Turner (drums), Keegan Kjeldsen (guitars) and Steve Colca (vocals, guitars) whom exploring their riffs like the combination of Sabbath meets Metal-core and Death Metal in slower mid-tempo energy brings the depressive thoughts to raging the planet out in circle of empiric sessions demanding head-bangs and horn raising fast from the fans listeners as the stronger sounds roasted your stereo system as the second track emerge on Forbidden Zombie Ritual taken from the band’s mini album Bizarre Tales Vol. 2 that will reminding us about the artworks from a comic book that terrifying but exciting. Need to get the record now ! 

Bizarre Tales Vol. 2:

Cylinder Kevin (Not On Label 2014)

   The heretic non-questionable weirdness effects collaborates for the mix of Math Rock and Progressive Experimental characters music on one single package which had been drawn by the trio of Bearcubbin' (just like an image of a sexy mysterious purple haired girl with bubblegum baloon on her mouth) from Portland: bassist Patrick Dougherty, Mike Byrne on drums or electronics and Chris Scott the guitarist/keyboardist  patching the materials of non-vocals but well guarded to give plenty explanations rather than just another instrumental recordings which sincerely given a great taste of gap on sonic ambitious and remarkable to listen by the audience for this scrambling album of Girls with Fun Haircuts released from them. One may get intact and communicates using the beats on songs like Solid Gold Monster Truck or High School Trip to Murder Island, feeling the tensions.

Bearcubbin' Girls with Fun Haircuts:

Cult Of Lilith (Gothic Slam Records 2006)

Five-piece Death Metal/Goth-Metal/Thrash and Melodic Doom group coming out from Lazio, Rome – Italy naming themselves as Shadowsreign with the groovy power techniques of half-Progressive Metal and more Extreme Metal formats on their musical performance or veins as the group consisting of Lord Vampyr on vocals, Aeternus the drummer, Seth 666 and Helvete the shredder masters and Xes on vocals really showing the reality blasting slams of their metallic fast or standard thrasy noise sounds through the themes on blood, pain, death and vampires aspect subjects and this full studio album Bloodcity (The Forgotten Memories part I) honestly, presenting their intentions to not only rocking your pathetic minds wilder but to in order to destroys the world itself where mankind dwelling like cowards enslaving others and the rest of it whom shall be consumed slowly by the endless thirst of greedy sanguine race nations of blood suckers as planned. No more Salvation (Escape from Bloodcity) and there’ll be Dawn of Rebellion from The Cainian Brotherhood with no Reflections establish thus Section 9-99 (The Colony) as well as re-conquering the global world Far away From The Sun as you might going to hear via the blast-tracks with destructive grooves escalating the truth events to happen soon. 

Beware of the dark that creeps in motionless disfigurements onto your existence !   


Sisoltinn (Season Of Mist Underground Activities 2011)

Influenced and infected by the legendary names off the Northern traditional Folklore and heritage such as The God Loki, Aasgard to the Black Metal gods like Bathory to Burzum; this one man Black Metal project from Mora, Sweden – Arckanum as describes to be not actually, one man band later on with names intact and involves on it such as Loke Svarteld, Martin Matsson to Johan “Shamaatae” Lahger himself as his anti-cosmic, chaos-gnostic ideology to Pan and Satanism beliefs might strictly becoming the main offender themed written and releases of anger, pain and hatred all in one big bowl of aggressive raw music to performs and produced under the moniker name mysteriously – destructive. Along the Helvitismyrkr with Shamaatae performing all instruments and screaming growler vocals one shall profound the inner rejected amounts of hellish submissions or tales according to thus folklore and beliefs of the real Pagan background history of the North-territory provides for hundred of decades before now. The blackest darkness serving brutality and anti-modern worldwide project served by noisy blasts of metallic servitude did well through Or Djupum, Svartr Ok Bursligr to Nifldreki, In Svarta and Myrkrin Vinna Hefnt with all other tracks bursting through out the amplifiers for about forty-eight minutes and fourty-six seconds top, proclaiming the comeback of the dark effects onto you if you are the real Extreme Metal-heads trying to re-open the invisible gate for evil to getting through and reign his rules. 


Gargantua Tsakonas (Bandcamp 2014)

   MNRV Superduty or Minerva Superduty’s self-titled recording on Kalamata, Greece with things you can tag mostly experimental chaotic Hardcore-Punk or Post-Punk and Sludge off Menios’ Basement as these local rockers quartet of George (guitar), Sypros (guitar 2), Stavros (bass) and Phillipos (drums) as some of you good listeners keeps on searching through a rabbit hole of internet browsers and luckily enough on finding these guys with no worries for non-soft or illegal begging through crushing sounds and music which also requiring a tip of an iceberg related to cult symbols on the front cover best to be listened after an evening meal because you need to resting after daily routine and just mosh on through the opener Sklenos pt.1 or Corvie. 

Also keep on blasting this excessive recording and great packaging disc that burns with Progressive metallic sounds and good music to extract by your ears.

Minerva Superduty:

Menter ‘Walken” Reeve (Bandcamp 2011)

Math-Rock Indie templates under the lesser-known works of the Toronto, Ontario that you can hear exclusively via Franko Spanko’s Greatest Hit to Everything Popular is Wrong and An Awkward Moment with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich must be too damn funny to read to as a song title but there you have them right from the group naming themselves The Bulletproof Tiger; consisting of Corey Temesy (guitars), Drew Krech (guitars), Greg Smith (drums) and Tim Neczpal (bass) whose mainly growing from their instrumental music written without vocals as the combination of Djent, Indie Rock, Progressive Metal and more experiments mixed drilling through our listening room via the stereo system  making most of the people who loved this model of music experiences would drooling and wanted for more of it. The massive wider aspects and complicated colors of tones colliding hard for making a non-simplicity melodic story without words but freely demanding your imaginations to spend and developed harder as well – finishing these tracks recorded here on You Wanna Kiss About It ? record that drawing a thick line background of real independency towards commercialism; taking few steps far and never look back to it because The Bulletproof Tiger has putting their evolving ideas and bravery above money and finds tranquility on this musical effort.

Don't be too spoiled like a messy little baby eating their porridge ...

You Wanna Kiss About It: