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Yellowjacket Train (Self-Released 2014)

Got the looks very similar like the younger version of Cyndi Lauper with many tattoos almost covering her body; the unique singer, song-writer and musician from Atlanta – Heather Luttrell whose amazingly brought the rural feelings back like a good news creeping in over her releasing album – Boatpaddle. 
The tight soft mixtures of Folk, Blues and Americana acoustic music related the so-called mini album from this woman to play its role on entertaining people who loves this kinds of musical performance that probably, reminds us to older Appalachian Country-Folk music on the fittest theme chosen being completely, excellent for outdoor atmosphere like Caroline or Why Don’t You Do Right ? Letting Heather Luttrell taking us for the banjo plays in the late of night-time in the middle of the lake – watching starry sky and feels the magic moment appears on ourselves.