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Wolfsbane (Bandcamp 2015)

Crusty Punk Hardcore Metal power violence non-binary as an anti-racist/homophobic/misogyny/sexist/white supremacy as their Doom Rock roots also sounding thicker for Soothsayer from Pittsburgh, PA is your ultimate choice to spend the ear-deafening moments of experimental experiences by a neutral band like this. Consisting of Rye (guitar), Jared (guitar, vocals), Elliot (bass), Caleb (drums, vocals) and MJ (vocals); releasing this independent album – In My Chest is The Sound of a Thousand Oceans as these six tracks of the invitations to everyone entering the darker realm of the band’s ideas through the blasting Doom Metal Neo-Post Crust shadows via Queen of Heart or Old Gods will be an experience for a serious heavy blends of beauty and violence preserved. 

In My Chest is The Sound of a Thousand Oceans: