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Vintage Visa (The Weinstein Company 2017)

Where there’s greed growing well, there’s something triggering it as a cause and for this lifetime stories of one moment for Kenny Wells the Bre-X CEO fictionalized here on the crime drama/thriller movie based on true events Gold whose teaming up with idealistic geologist Michael Acosta after his visionary broad him to chasing things which at first seems to be looked like an impossible dream to some unchartered jungle area in a remote part of Borneo, Indonesia named Busang. After doing some explorations and research for core-sample materials there, the two and their local native crew found out the results from States that thus samples leading to the biggest gold mining deposits of all time in history but later on the story goes rocky as more bigger company and rich public figures wanted to – not only investing their money for Bre-X but also becoming partners in split share-holders as the rising higher of Kenny Wells’ company on Wall Street and other stock markets booming and making him and his employees wealthy but never saving his relationship with his hot girlfriend – Kay. The music producer and composer for Gold original motion soundtrack is made pretty well and attached to the scenery and momentum by Daniel Pemberton following how clever the film director Stephen Gaghan setting the entire of this whole shocking story on 1993’s real event as one of the biggest mining scandal of the century where later on after the Bre-X operational fields and sites forcing to be closed by the Indonesian governments and the army; for another misleading issues about nationalization constitutionally for every Indonesian assets and foreigner there by the president and his beloved and round-up collages of corruptions by that time not to supporting foreign company’s activities in anywhere even on a remote parts of Borneo jungle as news about the massive gold mining deposits underneath the Mother Earth’s womb raising everyone’s greed to have it for themselves. As a curse from the deep remote jungle gold mines turned out to be an empty place as proven by many experts trying to analyzed what went wrong before and after there; Michael Acosta rumored to be found dead because a helicopter accident. Kenny Wells himself staggered as he facing hundreds of angry investors ready to tear his office building apart later on getting together again with his girlfriend’s Kay in uncertainty as pointed as scammer after he achieved the golden pickaxe award from the board of mining community. Tracks like the intense The Ring of Fire II – The Partner, Upstream Daya Kensana, Minecraft, Indo to the more dramatic ones like Dream House, Sickness or Blue Skies amazingly capturing those imaginations about shiny things and the process becomes before miracles happen …   

Gold Original Motion Soundtrack: